Frozen caracass displayed in sideshow. file# 00999


Date:December , 1974
Orleans county, LA
Nearest town:
New Orleans
Nearest road:


Shopping Mall


Description of event: In December 1974? or 1975? while Christmas shopping in a mall in east New Orleans, I had occasion to view what I believed then, and still do, to be the carcass of what might be described as a "Bigfoot". I paid 25 cents to view this thing that was frozen in a block of ice and surrounded by a very large freezer disguised as a casket with a glass top. I was in college at the time and pursuing a degree in Agriculture. I had grown up on a farm and spent quite a bit of time hunting. My experience with domestic animals and wild game, and education in things biologic told me that I was not looking at some sort of hoax. There were areas of skin and fur visible through, and magnified by the ice. The detail of what I was able to see was definitely convincing. I could see the follicles where the hair entered the skin, as well as the fine lines defined in the skin. There was what appeared to be blood interspersed in the ice in the vicinity of one of the eyes and the lower, center chest area. I spend about 20 –30 minutes “studying” this thing. I was absolutely convinced that I was viewing the corpse of a recently shot animal. Quite possibly a Bigfoot. I reported what I had seen to a Dr. Gerome, who was at the time the director of the Tulane University Delta Regional Primate Research Center located in Mandeville, LA. Dr Gerome was known to me only through my neighbor, his daughter. I gave him a reprint article from Argosy Magazine that I had picked up at the “side show” in the mall. I never heard if Dr. Gerome investigated this although I sincerely urged him to.

I have always been intrigued by what I had seen those many years ago. I had wished that this corpse had turned over to a research lab for autopsy. The closest information I have been able to find regarding the disposition of the corpse was on an Internet site: I still maintain the best evidence for the existence of “Bigfoot” or other such creatures lies in the rediscovery of and investigation of this frozen carcass. I am absolutely convinced that what I viewed those many years ago was no hoax. I am disappointed that this creature was not studied and the truth revealed. It would be a damn shame to have to kill another creature simply to prove their existence.

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