Rouckhound has sighting, is followed out of woods by creature file# 01000


Date:october 19, 2003
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

overcast to clear

roaring river, about 2-3 miles up from hiway


Description of event: I am an amateur rock hound. I was at a basalt lava flow cut through by the river. It was one of my favorite spots. I was there with my dog, a border collie. I was picking the rock looking for opal and agate. It was getting late and the sun was going down. I had lost track of time and didn't want to hike out in the dark so I quickly gathered my stuff, threw it into my backpack called my dog who was laying down chewing a stick and started out. I was in a clearing, all flat rock, and there was a small log jam and brush to go over to get on the trail. I had a 38 revolver in my hand. I've came over a log jam once only to scare a 6 point elk on the other side. I've encountered bear in the area as well. My dog jumped up onto the logs and I was right behind him. He stopped and started growling. He was quiet and shaking. He was staring to my left. I slowly looked up to my left and there it was standing still halfway behind a tree. About seven feet tall, black, and still and quiet and about 30 feet from me. I looked back down at my dog and he was frozen. All i could think of is I got to get out of here now. I gave him a nudge with my knee and he wouldn't move so i went around him, got on the trail to my right and my dog followed. I walked 100 feet as fast as I could without running thinking the whole time that's not what i think it is. Then a noverpowering smell came over me. It smelled like rotten fish, garbage, and shit in a bag and then putting your face in it. I've never smelled something that nasty before. At that point I'm thinking that is what I'm thinking it is. iI'e heard that they smell. I have never been so scared in my life, I cant describe the feeling. I just keep walking as fast as i could without running. Then I heard it. It was behind me grunting. It was like a teenage boy's voice at puberty. It was going baaa baaa baaa. Not real loud but I knew it was following me. I couldnt look back. The smell was gone but I could hear it still right behind me. This was a mile down the trail. Then the smell came back real strong and I looked over my shoulder. It was standing in a clear spot next to the river on a bend, behind it was the white water and rocks. It was standing there still. Its arms were past its knees, real broad shoulders. At this point about 50,60 yrds back. I couldnt bring myself to look at its face. It followed me for another half mile judging by the grunts and crashing through the ferns. Then i finally made it to my truck, got in, locked the doors and got the hell out of there. I forgot I had a pistol in my hand. Thats how scared i was. I've been back in the woods one time since, and not alone. I used to explore the woods 2 to 3 times a week. No more.

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