Grouse hunters see "man-like" creature watching them file# 01058


Date: , 2001
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


Feature Name: Deckerville Swamp
Feature Type: swamp
State: Washington
County: Mason
County Population: 49405
County Housing Units: 25515
County Size: 961.06 Square Miles
Latitude: 47.20694
Longitude: -123.48333
Elevation: 341
Map Cell Name: Matlock


Description of event: My family has always been avid hunters. My father and I had got an early start on our hunting trip that morning. We thought we would have a better chance of seeing grouse if we got out there before the other hunters. We pulled off onto an old logging road that forked. We took the road that forked off to the right first. We saw many grouse but we had no luck with the hunt. We had passed two other hunters that day, along that old logging road, who had taken a left at the fork, the road we had not walked yet. Our conversation with the two older hunters was brief.

It wasn’t until about 11 am that my father and I started down the road that forked to the left. We both stopped. Just ahead of us, stood a large man-like object off to the right side of the road. He was standing sideways looking directly at us over his left shoulder. However, this was not a human. The object's grayish black hair covered its entire body. I guess most people would describe it as a half ape/half man. Guessing, I would say the object was about 7 feet tall. We were too far away from the man-like object to see the sex or the color of its eyes. But everything else was unmistakable.

We slowly started backing up. This human-like animal slowly turned around and took two large steps and disappeared into the woods.
I was only 17 at that time and my father was 56 we couldn’t believe it. My dad has been a hunter most all his life. In the wild, he has never even seen a cougar so you can probably imagine the state of disbelief he was in, seeing this. I had never seen anything like it before either.

I don’t know if this comes to any importance, but before this, I did not believe in Bigfoot. The encounter was enough proof for me and my father to believe in this man like animal that roams our forests.

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