Campers hear vocalizations file# 01061


Date:june , 2004
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
oak ridge
Nearest road:

mid morning
it is in Odell camping in
Oregon and in the campsite near the docks


Description of event: My father, mother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, and I were camping in Odell lakes camping spots hoping to get some good fish to smoke or to eat for dinner, we set up camp and get the boat docked and a good fire going. That after noon we roasted marshmallows and my sister was asleep with my mother and the rest of us were haveing fun around the fire. The next morning around 11:00 am me and my father heard a squeeling howl from the north, it sounded female. i asked my dad if he heard that and he said yes and then another call this time from the west it sounded deeper and more male. this time it made the hair on my neck and back stand up and my heart freeze, my and i could feel fear run through me (i admit that i am creeped out or scared about sasquatch for i am only 14) and then it stopped or we could not hear it as the train roared by on the track to the north, i turned to my dad and asked "was that sasquatch, dad?" and he replied "yeah i think it was" so we waited for a little while longer but nothing. I hope you find my report useful.

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