Secondhand report of vehicle shaken, smell, frightened dog file# 01147


Date: , early 80's
Sacramento county, CA
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This incident was relayed to me, second hand, so long ago I can't exactly remember. I think it was in a National Forest near Sacremento County, Ca.


Description of event: This story was told to me 20 years ago by a friend and it has stayed with me ever since. It happened when she lived in Franklin, Ca. Her father worked with a guy that liked to go camping ALOT with his brother-in-law and his son. One of them had a dog, a bulldog x terrier cross, that they would take with them. This little dog was FEARLESS, often chasing bear or mountain lion whenever the opportunity presented itself.
On this occasion they were in the mountains in a remote area only accessible by an unimproved dirt road not much better than two ruts. There was no sign of anyone else being around. They set up camp in a clearing of trees, the tops of which formed a canopy so it seemed like they were in a room made of trees with a leafy ceiling. One of the men was sleeping in the back of the pick up truck, the other two were sleeping in the cab.
In the middle of the night the man in the back of the truck woke up. He realized two things right off. 1) the insects and little night creatures were completely silent, and 2) his dog was whimpering like a little pup, scratching the truck trying to get in the back. This really freaked him out because he thought,"What is scaring my dog? What on earth could be scarier than a bear or mountain lion?"
In the same instant he smelled the most gosh-awful smell he had ever smelled. Suddenly his truck started shaking wildly, so much so that the back tires were lifting off the ground. All the while the dog, tied to the rear bumper was going nuts. The rocking stopped but the smell remained. A moment later the same thing happened again.
When it stopped this guy thought,"I don't care what's out there, I'm leaving!" In a split second he jumped out of the truck, threw his dog in the back, got in the cab and drove away as fast as he could.
When they got up the courage to go back the following week to get thier camping gear they found the camp totally destroyed. Broken tree branches were strewn around the campsite. There was very little they could salvage. As the ground under the trees was covered with fallen leaves, they could find no footprints. They have gone over in thier minds all sorts of possibilities for the events of that night and can only conclude a strong possibility of an encounter with a Bigfoot. If it was an earthquake, why the awful stench and the peculiar actions of thier brave little dog?

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