Woman hears Whoop from woods while walking along road

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Date:April 22, 2005
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Road 29


From Randall on hwy 12 turn right on Cispus Road. Stay right on Cispus Rd. to USFR 29. Follow 29 for about 12 miles to this GPS cord.
N 46deg 17min 21sec
W 121deg 47min 38sec.
The road makes a sharp turn to right around a ravine with a creek flowing into it. From left side of ravine before making turn look across ravine to steep timbered hillside. Vocalization came from about 200m. up in timber.
Area is heavy hemlock forests with a few large older clearcuts every few miles. Large rock formations along the sides of the ridges showing visible caves. Most terrain is very steep and rugged.Road 29 follows the east side of McCoy Creek where there are numerous gold claims. Area is on page 34 of the Delorme Washington atlas and gazetteer.


Description of event: My Husband and I, with our 3 kids, were driving up Rd 29 near where we camped a few months prior, looking for a new camping spot. We reached an area where a lot of rocks had rolled onto the road (ravine area in description) and we got out to clear them and roll some into the ravine for fun. After clearing the road my Husband got back in to drive while I walked ahead with the dog for some exercise.

We had only gone about 100yds. when the dog perked up towards the opposite hillside. I was looking at the ground for animal tracks, and as I looked at the dog to see what got his attention I was literally yelled at but something very large up on the hillside. It had a very loud voice that went from a medium pitch to a low pitch as the WHOOP trailed off. It lasted about 3 sec. and was not a communicative call but more like it was warning me to leave.

I looked back at my husband to see if he heard it, then I ran back to the truck, as my husband started to get out to protect me because he thought something was coming at me. The dog beat me there and when I jumped in I noticed my Husband's window was up. He immediately asked me what happened because he saw my terrified look. I explained it to him, and so he got out and walked for a ways as I drove the truck, so he could look for sign.

Except for the sound of the creek the woods were completely silent.
Sound was a loud angry WHOOOOOOOoooop.

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