man encountered sasquatch while 4x4 in the woods file# 01173


Date:April , 2004
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Cave Junction
Nearest road:
Caves Camp
slight drizzle
late afternoon
Fourx road 15 miles of north the oregon caves
i wont tell you for sure.


Description of event: we had just high centured on a log and we were trying to pull are our truck off of a log.we heard of some of the cougars in the area, so i had my 30 06 on hand at the time.we smelled something in the air that smelled like an old boar bear. my freind smelled it to and said we got a bear somewhere near.I had a bear tag and was hoping to get one that season. we heard brush snaping in an old clearcutt below us. i tried to calculate which [direction] it was going. it kept moving in a zig zag type pattern. finally, it stept out into a was about 7 ft tall wieghing about 400lbs. it looked like a tall man but covered with long Brown hair. I got gun shy and shot, it screamed like a rabbit and ran off I never hit it because i thought it was a man. if it was , he was taking one heck of a chance

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