"Human-like" screams heard on Long Island

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Date:April , 2005
Pacific county, WA
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Between the Washington Penisula and mainland on "Long Island" in the Willipa Bay. About 1 mile south from Oysterville boat ramp on the island's west side.
Reference: http://funbeach.com/maps
for a map. The island goes further north than the map shows.


Description of event: I have a weekend home in Ocean Park, Washington, and this weekend, at a friend's, I heard some interesting things I thought I would pass to you, this is 3rd party info though. A friend and his girlfriend boated to Long Island and heard some weird (almost humanlike) loud screaming and he didn't want to get on land.

A few days later, talking to some locals who live directly across the bay (about 3/4 mile), they have also been hearing this in the evenings. I came back to Portland the next morning so I didn't have a chance to talk directly to the friend who heard it from his boat but will be back this weekend and I was going to ask him some questions out of my curiosity. I'll pass this on if you're interested. I should add he worked in the bay for almost 20 years tending to oyster beds and never heard this before.

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