Man reports two sightings, vocalizations and footprints file# 01235


Date:July 04, 1986
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FR81, FR24
mid morning
Cowlitz, Skamania
The first location was just north of Cougar, Wash. on FR81 between Merril Lake and McBride Lake. The second one was on FR24 north of Trout Lake just south of Mosquito Lake on the other side of the Moquito Creek culvert which would be the east side of the road.


Description of event: The first encounter was just north of Cougar, Washington on the morning of the 4th of July 1986. My first wife and I were going on a week long camping trip with our tent trailer from that region to La Wis Wis campgound just east of Packwood. We would be travling from FR81 to FR25 on up to Randle, Washington and then from Packwood area down through Goat Rocks Wilderness area, Walupt Lale down through Indian Heaven Wilderness, and onto Hwy14 eventually.

We were at a small unimproved campsite off the road with someone not more than 200 yds. to the northeast of us with plenty of forest in between. We were waiting for her cousin and his date to get there to camp with us for a couple of nights at that location. We were outside sitting at our bought picnic table when we heard this sound that started off like a man yelling at the top of his lungs, but then it blended into a sound which I will never forget.

I've been camping all my life in this area and have heard cougar, mountian lion, bear, sheep, but never anything like this. It sounded like a cross between what I've heard gorillas make, and a lion..but a hint of man in it. After the first sound, it sounded like it was coming from a fire road just above us to the north. The second time which was about 15 seconds later was very much more near us. By that time I was scared to death and so was my ex. I grabbed the .357 revolver I had and we climbed into the S10 Blazer that was had. Then it screamed a third time and it must have not been more than 30 yds. from us and then a shot rang out from just northeast of us.

We decided to leave and go into town to contact her cousin to see if they left and have some breakfast at the diner there (which has since burned down). Inside they had a plaster cast of sasquatch hanging on the wall. Behind me sat a man in an aussie hat that buttons on the side and he was looking over a bunch of maps that he had on the table. I asked the waitress what he was doing and she said that he was looking for bigfoot. Ironic, huh? I never told him about our encounter.

The second encounter was with my second wife. We were taking a day drive up to Surprise Lakes to do some fishing around 1995 in the early summer. We decided to go on to Mosquito Lake as I had not fished this lake in a float tube. We stopped at Little Mosquito Lake which is just southwest of Mosquito Lake. They are only seprate by about 50 yrds. or so. While we were out in the float tubes fly fishing, a large rustling from the brush came and at first I thought it was an elk or deer. I never saw it, but it sure left with a grunt and in a hurry. We left there and thought we would go down to Mosquito Lake, but when we got there it was very windy and decided to just try the little creek a bit further down from there.

We came to a little campsite off the road and just got out and looked around. On the other side of the road, my wife said to come and look at something she found. As I approached her I saw a huge imprint on the west side of the road, and another one on the east side. Both were VERY deep and about 14 in. or so long. What she wanted me to see was a tree on the east side right after the track going down through heavy huckelberry brush. It was a noble fir about 9 feet or so high. The top had been broken down and twisted around the tree from the top. Now growing season is short at this altitude and the part that was twisted was as big around as my arm. No numan could have done that. We decided to leave and chalked it up to yet another strange event.

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