White haired creature spotted next to road near Silver Lake

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 01241


Date: , 1988
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Silver Lake
Nearest road:
Osterman Rd.
dry night
Off of I-5 north of Kelso is Osterman rd. Head east all the way up the hill. Before it goes to gravel there is another gravel road to the left. If you follow that road it will come out at the back side of Silver Lake.


Description of event: Up in the hill there is a place the locals call "Horse Heaven" for the small herd of wild horses that live up there. I went to see if I could catch sight of them one evening. I did, and watched them watch me for a while. I drove off and was just about to the outlet of the road where it takes a sharp right and goes to blacktop. As I turned the corner my headlight caught a large white haired creature crouched down on his haunches. I stopped and he stood up with a grunt (like his legs were stiff) and walked to his right into a thicket of jack-pines and brush.

Source: oregonbigfoot.com
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