Several sightings and encounters over a week period file# 01270


Date:June 17, 2005
King county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Snoqualmie Parkway
house on Snoqualmie Parkway, it was in the woods behind the house.


Description of event: My brother and I were listening for noises since he had heard them since he moved into the area. At first I thought it was impossible... but when I heard the screams and whistles I was very scared since I heard an animal that was not suppost to exist. I listened very carefully to the screams/whistles - they were if no known animal to me... not even close. I could hear two, one maybe a half mile away and another much further.

It seemed that they were communicating. I could hear them for maybe an hour but I went to sleep. A few days later I was in bed, the house was quiet, and I was just falling asleep when I was awaken by a scream similar to the ones I heard the night before but it had to have been right by my house. Behind my house is a trail and woods...endless woods.

My brother and friends were exploring back there and came upon tracks near a pond. Around the pond was a steep enbankment where foot prints and knuckle prints could be was using its hands to climb up the hill (only a few feet high). The most amazing thing was hair. The hair was white with goldish tips. It may have been an elderly animal.

I do not know if he was telling the truth, but another incident happened at the crack of dawn in the winter. He was walking on a trail behind the house. He had a weird feeling like something was watching him and he looked to his left. He saw a man...8-9 feet tall behind a bush (no more then 3-5feet away). It crouched and was eye to eye with my brother. My brother ran as fast as he could - he was scared. He told me he could hear it follow him in the brush and it whistled at him.

Please excuse this poorly written message
I just finished filling out the information on this page and remembered another...
Another night, ( all within the same week) my brother, sister, and I were lsitening and heard bigfoot roar many roars. MANY ROARS, and many whistles. Dogs were going crazy. After 30 min. we heard a gun shot. It had to of been a high calibur. Then silence, all dogs were quiet in the neighborhood. Then we heard a truck turn on.

It drove slowly, maybe toward what it shot.
Nothing happened that I know of. Here is my theory: the farmer (who we thought it was) saw the bigfoot with his cows(a sighting from before too). A bigfoot around some cows (it was red/orange) the farmer shot at it and it ran (or he killed it and it got away before dying). I heard no moans of pain after the shot so I assume it wasn't shot, I dont know for sure.

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