Spooky encounters near Olympic Hot Springs Rd.

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Date:June 25, 2005
Clallam county, WA
Nearest town:
Port Angeles
Nearest road:
Olympic Hot Springs
Sunny and Warm 70's

Driving into Forest on Olympic Hot springs Road.


Description of event: When I was driving into and through the park on my way up the 7 mile road to camp. Then, while at the camp, I noticed that the woods were quiet in an eerie way. No crows, nothing. I can not begin to describe how eerie it was. You could have heard a pin drop. I began to "understand" that there were caves nearby. I then began to pick up on some thing watching my every move. I was too afraid to look into the woods. I knew we weren't alone, I saw dark shadows dart across the road. I saw what appeared to be a bed. It really freaked me out. We hiked a total of six miles. Three up and three down. I felt like we were trespassing. We did see some very tame deer up there and some chimpmunks but that was it.

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