Two creatures spotted in campground area playing with motion lights file# 01325


Date:March 10, 2001
Pierce county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
ORV Camp Road
cloudy and wet
pre dawn dark hours
I was camping in the camp ground in the ORV park. Towards the back of the park is a U shape. Let's say I was in the middle of the U.


Description of event: I came up early to set camp. It was a Wednesday. It was still early in the spring and there was still some snow on the trails. I set up my camp that night. I was the only one in the camp till Friday night. I have 2 tents: my sleep tent, and a screen tent where I keep the kitchen and stuff, coolers. So this is what happened, I had bought a battery powered motion light and had it mounted on the front of the kitchen tent.

The tent is 9ft high and 18ft octagon. My Jeep was between the 2 tents. This was Wednesday night. I crashed early around 10:00pm. I was woke up and I looked at my watch. It was around 1:30am. I could hear moving around the other tent. I listened very careful thinking it was a bear and then the light went on. I heard what sounded like foot steps in the gravel. It moved away from the tent and waited. The light went off. I was trying to see out the window but could see nothing so I thought, okay, it was a bear and he went away when the light came on.

Just as I laid back down the light went on again. Then I heard it back away till the light went back off. The light stays on for around 3 mins. As the light went on again I could hear what sounded like pacing back and forth. I was trying to see, not really wanting to meet a bear. The light went off and that was it for that night. Thursday night I was up till about 11:00pm. I made a bigger fire so I would have more light and went to town and picked up another motion light and put it on the front of my tent. I went in and went to bed and slept all night.

Friday night I was waiting for my friends to come up with their Jeeps. It was like 9:00 pm and no one had shown up I built the fire up and crashed, knowing they would show up later. It was at 12:45am, I was woken up to sounds that I had never heard before. It was like a chatting sound almost like clamping your teeth together with your mouth open. I was moving toward my window when the lights went on. Now, having more light to see, it freaked me out to see not 1 but 2 BFS outside my tents. Both were black in color, the biggest 1 had, what looked like, a dark brown main that was thicker, that ran from his neck and down his spine and huge very broad across the shoulders and massive across the chest.

The heads were kind of pointed but flat at the forehead. Broad nose. They would pace in front of the lights chatting back & forth almost monkey-like but not. The lights would go out and they would move towards them and they would turn on. This went on for close to 90 mins. Needless to say, I was scared. The light would go out and they would pick up gravel and throw it, not hard, towards the light. and it would go on. It was kinda like a game to them. It was now close to 2:00 am. I was watching them and, when the wind would turn, I could smell them. It was foul, kind of like wet dog and crap.

The only thing I had in the tent was a shovel but I was pretty sure that would be useless. I am 6'4" tall and 225 and I felt very small as they stood just out of the light but I could see their eyes, like a red glow as the light was on. They were maybe 20 feet away from where I was. At that time you could hear a radio blasting and the trucks come in the main gate. They both turned and began to run down to the west of me. It sounded like thunder as they ran off into the darkness.

Needless to say, I was happy that someone came. We spent the rest of weekend there but a lot more people were there throughout the weekend. I have been back over there the last few years and nothing has happened like that. I felt lucky to see 1 in my lifetime, instead, I got to see 2 at once. Your story inspired me to write mine after reading the journal of your Orting camp trip. I don't live far from there. I wish I would have found this site then, to tell you of my encounter. You probably would have known what to look for besides prints.

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