Something trying to get at dog food in sealed container at night file# 01328


Date:September , 2001
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

Campground near Swift Lake, East End


Description of event: Traveling on the South side of Mount St. Helens, me, the wife, and two dogs were tired so we pulled over at a campground near a Ranger Station. I took the German Shepherd out for a walk in a heavily wooded area with the lake right there. Beautiful spot. On the way back the German Shepherd ran the other way in fear until he hit the end of his leash. All I saw was a squirrel.

After hanging around outside the travel trailer we went in to bed. We had a "Vittle Vault" container (closed, sealed container) full of dog food on the picnic table. It wasn't 5 minutes of lights out when we heard the container come off the picnic table and start rolling back and forth. It had a good solid lid so the dog food was not easy to get to. I got out of bed to turn on the outside light and made the trailer springs sweak ever so sightly. When the light got turned on, whatever was there was gone and the vittle vault was on the ground.

I decided to leave it to morning and turned off the light. Again several minutes passed and we heard the container move around, something was rolling it around to try to open it up. I turned on the light again and the container had vanished. In the mean time the wife went to reach for the dog to see if he was still laying next to her, however the dogs had gotten up, without making any sound from their collars, and were standing in silence. I had never seen this Shepherd do this. He is 110 lbs of no fear, usually!

Well that was enough for us so I turned on all the lights, jumped out with the gun and threw the remaining stuff in the trailer and we got the heck out of there. Had a very tiring but beautiful drive through the East side of St. Helens at night. Was this a bear? I don't know. Did Not smell anything strange or different. Didn't think bears were that smart to jump back into the forest and hide repeatably.

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