Numerous howls heard around Lake Cushman file# 01334


Date:June , 1988
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sunny and mild
We had taken a boat out on the lake and I believe the place we chose to camp lakeside, was on the east part of Lake Cushman.


Description of event: In June of 1988 my ex-husband was in the Navy, stationed at the Submarine base at Bangor. A group of sailors and their wives had planned a weekend trip to Lake Cushman to ski and fish etc. I had just had a baby in March and was not up for skiing. I tried getting up a couple times and, being from Kentucky, was not used to water being so cold underneath in June so I went back to the campsite and stayed with the baby all day.

Once, late that afternoon, when the baby was crying, I thought I heard something howl. I thought it was a dog or coyote or something howling because it heard the baby wailing. Later that evening, however, sitting around the fire, we kept hearing it. I am not sure if we were hearing one entity calling to another and the other answering, or if we were hearing an echo, but the guys with us kept teasing me and say it was Sasquatch.

The next morning the Native American gentleman at the boat dock asked us if we had heard Sasquatch. I thought all this was total BS until I heard a recording played by a TV station in Ohio this week. It was an unknown howl/scream in Liberty, OH. They had a clip on their website and I swear it is the same sound I heard at Lake Cushman in 1988. I started looking online and found out there had been bigfoot sightings in Ohio as well and found this site and the sound clips. Now I am convinced what I heard back then was whatever these recordings are, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti..whatever. I am still skeptical but willing to entertain the possibility.

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