Hairy, upright walking creature spotted by a hunter in a meadow file# 01341


Date:September , 1980
Graham county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

overcast and damp
early afternoon
I am not sure anymore where the location is......I was on a hunting trip in an area I had never been before.


Description of event: I was walking up a trail, the kind you often see when walking in the back woods, the kind maybe deer and elk travel on a routine day, and I started to smell something with a foul odor. I thought maybe I was going to come across a dead animal that was decayed or something. As I approached the top of this trail, on the left there was a small grassy meadow. What I was about to see I was not preparded for.

About 100 feet down the embankment, standing upright in the tall grass, was a large hairy manlike creature. I instantly recognized it as the Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest. I had read many stories about bigfoot over the years but was never prepared to come face to face with it. It was dark, but had a redish cast to the tips of the hair, like it was getting ready to shed or something. It was facing me front forward. It looked at me for a moment and turned its back to me and started to walk across the meadow. I was horrified that it was going to come my way.

I lifted my rifle and put my scope on its image to watch it move towards the edge of the open meadow. It stopped for that brief moment and looked back at me one more time and disappeared into the woods. I seen its face very clearly and I wanted to shoot it but I remebered it was against the law to shoot one, I heard years ago and I figured why just shoot it and let it die in vain. I was scared to death that it was going to circle around and come up behind me. I headed out of the woods and sat in the truck waiting for my cousin to come back. Waiting in the woods alone, was terrifying to me. I imagined it to be out there watching me.

When my cousin returned I told him what I saw and he laughed and called me a big Bull Shi--er, and told me it must have been a bear or something. Or maybe I smoked a little too much wacky tabaky........

My description under the circumstances is........

It stood probably 7 feet tall, and weighed about
300 plus. Had dark eyes and not too much hair on its face. The hair was shorter on its head and longer on its body. It never made a sound, it just looked at me. It didn't run, it just turned and walked away. Because of its size it appeared to move slowly, yet swiftly.

I look back on this experience and it still scares me to death. I am very apprehensive about going in the woods anymore. I haven't hunted since.

I would rather remain anonymous.

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