Unusual screams/howls heard in campground by family

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Date:September 06, 2005
Chelan county, WA
Nearest town:
Not Sure
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pre dawn dark hours
Wenatchee Forest Hard to describe. Pretty sure it was about 2 campsites away. No further, I'm sure. It was real close! It woke us up. And we stayed awake until dawn arrived and we left ... quickly!


Description of event: A screaming shattered our peaceful slumber & woke hubby and me. We both instantly came alert. It sounded like a wild woman: that’s the only description that really kinda fits. Hubby bolted upright, and I wrapped my arms around our grand-daughter tighter, thinking, “Cougar!”

Precious, our wolf, came right up off the floor as the screaming faded to a howling, and every hair on her body --- from tip of ears to tip of tail --- was standing straight up. Hubby pulled her back down by her tail and she went down docilely. I listened as the screaming-howling sound went on for three more repeats; and it sounded like it was only about two sites down from our site. I knew when the howling kicked in that it wasn’t a cougar we heard. This was a new and strange animal sound.

We were unnerved to say the least! But what really scared me was the fact that Precious wasn’t uttering a single sound --- she growls at strangers, and she’ll bark and howl non-stop if the neighbors back home get a lot of driveway activity --- but here --- in this place, with this mysterious haunting sound --- she was TOTALLY silent and not twitching a muscle.

And the fear that took root in me was uncharacteristic. My general attitude is “You want a piece of me? Come and get it.” But this sound reduced me to a coward! I have NEVER heard anything like it before. I have heard bobcat, cougar, coyote, wolf, bear, all kinds of owls, and elk --- but this sound was unique and very frightening. It was unfamiliar to hubby too.

We were pretty sure of the proximity of the sound, and there was no doubt at all in our minds that it was a creature we’d never had knowledge of. “Know your enemy” is my mantra --- military upbringing --- and I did NOT know this one. I was scared; and hubby was amazed/relieved that I was scared and wanting to leave ASAP. Our grand-daughter had slept through the screaming-howling episode, but woke up while we were trying to calm each other and analyze what we’d just heard. She wanted to know why we were talking about leaving at daybreak. When she heard the description of what we heard, she didn’t hesitate to say “Yeti! It was Yeti.”

I haven’t ruled that out. Call me foolish, call me superstitious, call me a nervous female --- I’m past caring; that’s how much this experience has affected me. We huddled and prayed until it lightened up outside (this took an agonizing 2 hour time-frame!) then we broke camp in record time and left that place, never looking back once.

I used to love driving through that back-country, but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable going through that area again. At least not at night-time … and not for a good loooooong while.

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