Long-term witness as a child, recalling memories of encounters

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Date: , 1974-78-79?
Snohomish county, WA
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Old Owens Rd.




Description of event: I grew up on a 10 acre farm about 3miles outside of Monroe, Washington. I can't really fill in some of the boxes because "he"...I think, was mostly always there. Sometimes there were more. I started a club and drove my friends crazy. I kept a little notebook with childish scribbles and pictures of foot prints I'd found. My friends just wanted to build forts but I made them watch where they stepped. I did all of this with a strange mix of facination and terror.

At night I would lay in bed in our single wide trailor listening...frozen when the sounds came, late as everyone else slept. Worrying for our dogs. I just have to stop to say...it's amazingly good to tell this story to someone who will understand. I'd refuse to play at the far end of our field. That was where he lived. There are houses there now. My mom and dad divorced years ago and my mom's house is now where our main fort was. I'd sit on our couch and look out across the field, waiting for glimpes...a better look. He knew.

Even back then, the area around our 10 acres was pretty populated. Looking back, he had to have been even smarter than I thought he was as a child. When he did come out of the trees, he'd walk along the tree line. My parents owned another house out on the tree line that they rented out. He'd do this walking across towards their house and behind then back into the woods behind the house. There was another farm back there. He'd do this when they weren't home. I never saw him come back that same direction. I figured he must take another way back though the woods.

And he watched me. I was an avid bird watcher..and spent a lot of time in our fields and woods alone. Sometimes the feeling would get so intense I'd start talking to him. Over the years he just became like a comfort, you know? Like, in a way, he watched over me. Don't get me wrong though..when you're out in those woods and something intelligent and secretive is watching you, pacing you, you are afraid!! Even though I came to know he wasn't out to hurt anything.

He didn't like our dogs though!! In the night, his calls would change. He wanted them to stop barking. It made him angry. I've heard, over the years, that some people believe they are a bit psychic...why not?? After all, we are??? Somehow I developed a connection with this creature. Take that for whatever it's worth to you. Not very scientific, I know, but in my life and my experience, that is my truth. I never saw him face to face, or very close, but he was there.

In later years he even had a girlfriend [as I called it then] and children. I was about 16 when I moved to Lakecity Seattle, with my mom, and had been pretty invoved with life and school and boys for a good 2 or 3 years. I'm not sure when he left but I got the feeling [again] that he'd decided to make for higher ground, if you know what I mean. It was probably shortly after finding a mate and having 'kids'.

Didn't I tell my parents? No. I mentioned it when it first started and pretty much got told I had a big imagination. I got determined then to just figure it out on my own. Even my friends got tired of me making them walk in specific places and look for footprints. So eventually, I just kept it to myself. I've told a couple of boyfriends, over the years, and they've shaken their heads in agreement with my story, but I think they only half believed me. They definitely couldn't understand.

I'm 38 now and live in Colorado, on the side of a mountian with my boyfriend and youngest daughter. My oldest is in her 1st year of college. I still spend a lot of time in nature the creeks and sandy paths sooth me in a different way than the dark, rich soil of Washington but they sooth me all the same. We have bear, herds of elk, antelope, coyote, hawk, and mt.lion. We drive an hour for groceries at a decent price. I've had animals pace me, stumbled over deer on dark nights, walks to drumming circles in town. They watch you. It's not the same. I have never felt that feeling again. Like I said before, this isn't very scientific, I know. Just one person's experience. Something I thought, after all these years, I could share and tell you, I'm glad you believe.

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