Footprints observed in sand bar along river file# 01401


Date:November , 1974
Clark county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

freezing temps
mid morning
Upper eastfork of Lewis River drainage, above Sunset Falls. There are mining caves a few miles away on Copper Creek.


Description of event: I was looking to see if any steelhead made it over Sunset Falls on the east fork of Lewis River. Walking over to a five foot bench of rock above the falls, there was a big hole dug out in the 1-3 inch gravel. Everything was frozen so I thought this was odd. Coming back from the five foot ledge, I looked down at the gravel bar along the river. It looked just like someone stepped off the ledge I was on and walked on 2 feet across the gravel. I called my friend over and showed him. I said, "Lets go and check by the water and see if we see any clear tracks."

We were standing right next to the water when I told Bill not to move. He was standing on one of two tracks. They were shoulder width apart and four inches longer than our boots. This was the only part of the shore that had a sandy type soil. The tracks had five toes, like a human, and were very wide. Because the ground was frozen, the tracks were only 1/4" deep, if that.

Directly behind us, about eight feet, was that dug out hole in the gravel. Personally, I think he got into a push-up position and took a drink of water. That's my own thoughts on the matter. We never did go back and take casts of the tracks, which I wish I had done. The tracks were fresh, sharp, and clear, no doubt in my mind. It had to weigh a lot to make the deep tracks in the frozen ground like that.

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