Footsteps heard just outside of campsite at night and trail discovered the next morning file# 01428


Date:September , 1997
Clark county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Used To Be Called Oldstead, But Its #d Now
cool clear night
I can't remember what road it is, but if you drive from Amboy towards Couger, you will come into a large valley just before Couger. Turn down Oldstead Road (it was a private road but I think it is now called 236 or something like that, and the farms are all developed now) follow this road all the way to the end until you get to the Roger's place, and keep going in the same direction on foot when the road ends. you will cross a set of abandoned railroad tracks at the base of the hill, and after that the hill becomes VERY steep. You will be hiking upwards through an old clearcut that that has regrown quite a bit, I would say that it is about 30-40 years old. Stay just to the left side of the small stream that is coming off of this hill, and eventually you will come to the top of the hill near an old cabin that was blown over the side of a cliff. It may be a relic from the logging days.


Description of event: I was camping with my younger sister for one last time up on the hill. I had just come home on leave from marine basic training, and would probably not be back for some time. It had been dark for a while, my sister and I were talking, when I heard a sound like footsteps out in the weeds. My sister had not heard anything, and was still jabbering away for awhile till she finally heard it and asked if I had. I said yes and told her to be quiet. I had a chemlight in my sleeping bag, and got it ready. I waited until the footsteps were within ten feet of our camp before I pulled out the light stick. The footsteps stopped - I mean whatever it was froze in its tracks- but I still couldn't see into the brush. You know how the deep woods block any light in WA? I wish I had a flashlight at that time.

I pulled out the shotgun that I had brought (the bears were really thick around Amboy/Yacolt that year) and waited for something to happen, but I heard nothing after that. After waking up the next morning, I looked for any sign of anything nearby, and found no tracks or broken brush. Further down the hill however, I found a large washout that was covered in ferns. The ferns were parted right down the middle like somebody was running down the hill almost directly below our camp about 1/2 a mile down, and the trail was fresh. Whatever it was was on two feet, and came from downwind. At first I thought it might have been a bear drawn by the bacon we had, but it was walking on two feet for quite a while, and bears don't rear up unles they have a need to.

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