Couple, both in law enforcement, see creature walking on beach, find tracks file# 01530


Date:august 12, 1995
Tillamook county, OR
Nearest town:
Tillamook And Lincoln City
Nearest road:
Wimema Rd
Near Camp Winema. I am guessing 26 Miles North Lincoln City


Description of event: My girlfriend at the time and I where camping on the beach near camp Winema. However we where not in the camp and camped alone on the beach front.

Near dusk we noticed what we thought was a person standing 60 yards down(S)the beach looking at our direction. I thought it was strange that a person was walking down in that direction because the only way down to the beach was next to us. Next we thought maybe a person was looking for shells as we had earlier in the night. Then I thought maybe this person was up to no good and wanted to stalk us for some reason. My girlfriend and I were in law enforcement. She a Deputy Sheriff, and I, a US Forest Service Law Enforcement officer LVL II. So we where alarmed a bit and generally suspicious in nature.

We noticed the "person" was very large at that distance and turned and walk back South, out of sight. 5 minutes later the person came back not stopping and kept walking toward our camp. The sun had set and the full moon was over head. With the moon and the ocean it was almost like day twilight still. We could see very well. The person we thought walked within 50-70 ft in front of us passed us at a good clip going to the North. He never stopped to look and seem to just ignore us as it was looking for something in the sand. It walked next to a natural tide pool on the beach and never crossed it to come up to us. At the end of the tide pool it stopped turned around and walked right back down the beach to the South again dissapearing in the distance. I was alarmed because it did not seem natural the way it walked. It almost glided as it walked and seem to be bent over as it did. We noticed it was huge too. It almost seemed to be at eye level to us and we where above it on a sand burm. Probably 6ft above the level it was walking. Alos we noticed no color in its apperal. Jet black. The distance it covered when it walked was almost as fast as if someone was jogging. We didn't notice any up or down bouncing just a fluid motion as it walked.

I ran down with my Mag light to the location it was walking and had my girlfriend tell me when to stop when I reached the area it walked. Before she yelled stop I tripped on one of the tracks. I coudn't believe how deep and large they where. When I stood next to the holes I barely pushed the sand down more then an inch. These holes I guessed where at least 10-12 inches deep. So deep the steepness of the imprint sort of caved inward making oval shapes like cones.. My girlfriend came down as i yelled at her to take a look. She told me that she could cleary see my clothes from the camp and noticed my outline of colors.(Jacket Blue/Red) I showed hrer the footprints and said it must be that bigfoot people say is here. We where on vacation from Colorado. After a few minutes of looking at the tracks my damn maglight bulb went out. We kind of laughed nervously. I told her not to worry and had a spare in the back of the flashlight. As I was doing the micro task of changing out the bulb, she telled out, "Here it comes!" I rushed to change it out and dropped the damn bulb of all things. So here we are two adult people getting a bit freaked out. I noticed it was directly walking torward us from a distance of around 100 yards. I frantically looked for the bulb and each time I looked up it coved distane at a rate of almost a jogger. I am guessing now somewhere around 6-8 mph. She freaked out and pulled my arm begging me to run to the camp above the burm. I couldn't move. I told here I was going to stay put to find out who the hell this was. She ran sreaming "run" to the camp. I stood my ground and stood there like some kind of gunfight (idiot) I guess. Now I clearly noticed hair all black and a huge figure. The shoulders struck me the most. I couldn't believe how wide it was and taller them me at a distace of over I am guessing 60 yards. It kept walking without slowing down torward me. Kid of like it didn't even see me?? It wasn't slowing down and I guess within 10-20 yards now. I could see a face to the figure and realized this was not natural! Not a person! I was so scared I couldn't even move for a moment which really bothered me. I then gained some composure and ran like hell to the camp. All the time she was yelling "Run!!" All I could think was I was a gonner if it wanted to catch me. I ran so fast never like that before to her location. I turned around and was happy to see it was still walking right over where I must of been standing and passed to the North. It stopped turned around again like it was still looking for something. Walked without looking in our direction and walked to the South out of sight. Almost ignored us I would say.

We were in shock. We decided to leave everything on the beach. Our tent, clothes, everything. We ran to the car and I asked her for the keys! She said, I don't have them you do!" I couldn't believe it they where in the tent in my suitcase pocket. After much deliberation. 1/2 hour. We sneaked back to the site and I grabbed the keys. We ran back to the car and got in. She told me my ticket was in my suitcase. By then I decided to regain compose and wait it out with my video camera which was in the car the whole time of course. She suggested we just wait till morning and we must of seen a person. Right!!! She went to sleep in the car and I waited up all night wth a huge fire waiting for it to come back.

Morning came - I stayed up all night. I took my picture camera 35mm and took pictures of the tracks still clearly visible on the beach. I was shocked to see how many tracks I saw and even larger then the ones I looked at the night before. I took the whole roll and followed them down the beach for over a mile I am sure. I took pics with items next to them to show depth distance and lenght. I noticed the tracks all wnt to a spot to the East up the burm to a thick forest. I stepped about a foot in and realized how stupid this was and left back to camp. We left and almost never talked about it and tried to gain reality back.

After I returned back I got the pics developed and saw in disbelief how incredible they seemed. I decided to try to contact someone who researches this and found an address on the back of a book authored by Richard Greenwell from the library. He was with the International Society of cryptozoology. I mailed a letter some pics to Arizona asked for some answers. He contacted me after getting my letter and interviewed me. He had me then send the rest of the pics and contact another. Peter Byrne in Portland. I left a message. He got ahold of me at work and asked for my immediate departure back. I of course was unable due to vac time. I sure wasn't going to ask for special leave due to the circumstances and kept it quiet. He got the gereral location and researched the sighting.

Later on he found nothing, not even a trail up the forest. He noticed really nothing, hair, tracks. (2 weeks after sighting)

After a request by Peter I came out the next year in June. We walked over the spot. He took pictures and I showed him the location it went into the woods. He said he was off where I told him to go, and had not yet looked there. We pushed back the foiliage and saw to my amazment a honed out trail with vegetation and clearly a dirt animal path. We followed the path up the hillside to the highway and over to the Wilderness area. I let him with the new and went back to Colorado. We noticed earth movers had begun to devolop the land where the trail was. This had begun I am guessing within a week before my return.

I have several pics but sent something for you to look at. Some have its footprints with mine next to it for comparison...

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