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Date:August , 1995
King county, WA
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I would like to keep this location confidential for now.


Description of event: Now let me start off by saying I'm not one to go around for the sake of publicity or anything of that nature. But what I felt and saw I can't readily explain! Just for the sake of legitimacy, I'm a Baptist Minister and I've searched the Bible up and down and CAN NOT find anything yet to remotely explain what I saw.

I was laying across the bed one summer evening in 1995 watching television. I can remember the sun going down. And anyone who has been or lived in Washington State knows the sun goes down really late, like about 8:30 or so. Our house has a seriously wooded area behind it that is a couple of miles across and goes on for several miles. This wooded area is heavy with big old trees and the brush is littered with various "berry bushes or patches". Now this area is a bugger to navigate through, so you can understand no one in their right mind would go tripsing through there.

Along the length of my bedroom is several large windows. The blinds and curtains were wide open that night and offered a very beautiful and peaceful view of the woods out back. Out of nowhere the hair ALL over my body stood at attention! And at the same time an intense feeling of being watched from the woods came over me. I had never felt anything like it in my life. I sat up on the bed and looked out the window and these "feeling of being watched" intensified a hundred fold!

By now chills begin to wash over me. Never in my life had I been scared of anything, but that day I was scared witless. It was like whatever was out there was like right in the room with me. For unknown reasons I couldn't turn away from the woods. I couldn't move, I was just that scared! Now this felt like an eternity but it only lasted say about 30 or so seconds. It was too dark to see into the woods, but I knew with all my heart something was there standing out there looking directly at me.

Like I said, after a few seconds, the feeling of being watched began to subside, like whatever was out there was leaving or backing away. Yet it kept it's eyes keenly fixed on me. I was finally able to get up and turn off the T.V. and close the curtains. I settled down a bit and looked again, but whatever was out there was definitely gone now. That night I told my wife, who didn't say anything much, but I stayed up till the early part of the next morning unable to sleep. Due to the fear of what could have been out there in those woods.

Even now, some (10) years later, I still can remember that awful feeling of being watched that day. I mean just thinking about it even now is still unsettling to the point I can't help but tear up a bit. Nothing else strange or out of the ordinary occured until about (5) months later in the winter.

We had just recieved some fresh snow and I had to leave much earlier than normal to catch the city bus. The time was in the early hours of dawn when I left the house and crossed the street to head to the bus stop. I noticed some fresh footprints in the snow, but at the time thought nothing of them. I got about a block from the house and noticed it was quieter outside like nothing I'd heard or seen before.

There were no sounds (animal kind) at all! That's when I noticed how the footprints were going in the same direction I was going. And they (footprints) were fairly fresh too. What was really kinda odd about them was they were much bigger than my own footprints. I had on snow boots and I'm a size 10 1/2 shoe. These things were a couple inches wider and a half a shoe longer than my own. Also they appeared deeper in the snow than mine as well. I tried to make the same deep inpression in the snow and no matter how much weight I put on one foot, my foot wouldn't sink down as deep as the ones I found.

By then I noticed these footprints went on for another block and then turned up between another set of homes. The footprints, without missing a bit, went through a break or opening in the gate and entered back into the wooded area I mentioned earlier! I could see where the footprints came around my house and crossed the street up to where I was currently standing! I started to follow them across the street. But I just had this awful feeling that I shouldn't go any closer to those woods.

It was as if whatever had entered back into those woods was waiting for me to enter. I, at that point, realized how precarious my situation was (no other people outside and no car or weapon). I made a hasty dash to the bus stop!!

Later that day I called my wife and she noticed the prints too, coming close behind our house and made their way to the street. After looking (of course from rear porch) I could, as clear as day, see where the footprints headed down from the wooded section right behind my house, Enter through a break in the fence, and shuffle down behind my house and then turn and go towards street side.
I lived in that area for another (3) years, but never saw another footprint or anything again.

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