Teens hear screams coming from nearby field as they try to sneak out of the house at night

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Date: , 1992
Skagit county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Cant Remember
early morning
Can't remember the street but there were a few houses on the street. It wasn't like a deserted country area. That's what was weird about the whole thing.


Description of event: This never would have occured to me if I didn't happen to see this web site. It was 1992 I was 15 yrs. old and I was in the ninth grade. Me and a girlfriend were trying to sneak out for the night through her window upstairs in her room. She told me to go first so that I could help her out because she was afraid of heights. I started to put my leg over the edge of the window and climb out and then I heard this scream like an old lady was being killed or attacked out in the fields. Then it sounded like something was walking around in the fields by her house. You could hear clearly of course because everybody was asleep and no traffic was out to cause distraction from the scream and the walking around in the field.

This noise was like nothing I have ever heard before. At first we thought it was her cat being attacked by something but her cat was inside the house. I was so scared I didnt want to move to pull my leg back in the window and make a commotion so we both froze and just sat there by the window and listened to this in shock and amazement. I don't know if she's ever told anyone about this. In school back then, we never did. And, until this day, this is the first time I have ever told anyone.

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