witness experienced strong smells around Lake Tannin

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Date:September , 2005
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Cave Junction/Happy Camp
Nearest road:
Hwy 199
early afternoon
West side of Tannin Lake. Take the Hwy that runs between Cave Junction Oregon and Happy Camp Calif. Shortly after you cross the Ca border marker on the Hwy there is a turn off on the left to Lake Bowlan. Take this dirt road for about 10 miles. There will be a junction, left going to Bowlan Lake, right going to Tannin. Down this dirt road for approxamately 40 mins. The road dead ends at the trail head to Tannin Lake. Take the trail to the lake. Once you reach the lake go to the right and follow the shore. You will see some very large timber laying in the lake on that side. The smell was about half way from where you begin to go to the right and the timber laying in the lake. The hwy to Lake Bowlan is not snow plowed during the winter and they recieve lots of snow up there.. so its a seasonal trip


Description of event: Smelled something while trying to get through some very thick under brush, was very strong and not a skunk

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Investigation by: Bill Hodgson


Bill Hodgson

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