Man hitch-hiking has a close encounter with a Sasquatch file# 01760


Date:July 20, 1976
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
20 Miles North Of Grants Pass
Nearest road:
I was hitch hiking out of Grants Pass, Oregon on July 20,1976 heading to Canby.


Description of event: I was hitch hiking out of Grants Pass, Oregon on July 20,1976 heading to Canby. I walked from the overpass in Grants Pass to the Grants Pass 20 Mile Sign heading north on Interstate 5. I had walked all day and reached the 20 Mile sign as the sun was starting to set.
I was alone and had seen only three cars pass me by all day. I first smelled something that smelt like skunk and rotten swamp gas and looked around for a run over skunk and did not see one. I noticed something moving out of the right peripherial of my eye and looked to my right at the forest tree line approximately 300 to 400 yards away and saw what I first thought was a huge bear walking north to south even with the tree line and I then noticed that it swung its arms low almost to its knees and was looking directly at me. It took maybe six or seven long strides and when it became parallell to me, it turned and walked into the forest and disappeared. My mind was racing as I struggled to comprehend what it was that I just saw. I dismissed a bear and the only logical conclusion I could come up up with is, I just witnessed a bigfoot. A rush of warm fear filled my entire body and I thought immediately how was I going to escape the area in case this thing was stalking me because I knew it knew that I was alone and this thing was huge. I felt as if this thing was around ten feet tall and thats at 300 to 400 yards. I could have been bigger. I knew that there was nothing behind me for 20 miles because I had just come that way. To the left, there was rocks along the side of the sloping hill and I felt that if this thing were to attack me, I would get trapped on the rocks and I decided that if this thing is going to try to eat me, he was going to have to catch me first and I started sprinting as fast as I could ever run heading north.
I don't know how long I was running but, before I knew it, there was a green Volkswagon van right next to me and a young blonde headed guy was looking at me with this puzzled look. I jumped in the van while it was still moving and screamed at the driver to " FLOOR IT"!!!!
I repeated this and the guy took off and when we were a little ways down the road he asked me, " What in the hell are running from"?
I told him that I just saw a bigfoot and I felt as though it was stalking me like prey and I had nowhere to run except north. The guy said he has crested the hill right befor the 20 mile marker and saw me running like an olympic sprinter and he looked around but did not see and abandoned car and thought that was just weird seeing a guy running full blast out in the middle of nowhere. When he pulled up to see why I was running so fast, he was surprised that I jumped into his van so quickly and it sorta scared him. I told him that he wasn't half as scared as I was. He drove me all the way to the front door of where I was going and I never seen him again. I am sure that he will never forget me or that day as long as he lives. I know that I sure won't.

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