Green eyes spotted in the night with a flashlight file# 01807


Date:June , 2006
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Skokomish Indian Reservation
Nearest road:
Lena Creek
late afternoon
Lena creek campsite outside of campgrounds on the side of the road.


Description of event: Me, my uncle, my 2 cousins, and my aunt went to Lena Creek to camp and listen for sasquatch, which we happen to do a lot and we usally hear them. It was about 11:00 when me and my uncle and one of my cousins decided to go for a stroll at night and listen for sasquatch, since we weren't hearing any because of a party some other campers were having right next to our site. First we walked around the campsite a little bit and we still heard absolutely nothing. So we decided to walk down the road and up it again to listen. We took off our shoes so we could here better.

Then suddenly, we heard a noise in the bushes like leaves crunching and twigs breaking and when we stopped, we heard nothing. We kept hearing this several times down the road and each time we stopped. Then I remembered that I had a little flashlight in my pocket. I took it out and everytime we heard something, I would shine my flashlight into the bushes so we may see something. Nobody else saw it but me because I was a little ahead of them when I shined my light into the bushes. I froze solid and was at a loss for words for what I saw was 2 big green eyes about 20-30 feet away in the bushes and the eyes were about six inches apart.

At first they just stood there, then slowly and quietly, ducked down behide something. I started to studder that I saw what I saw but it was very difficult. At first they didn't believe me until he could hear my voice and see the goose bumps and hair standning on end.

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