Two teens see, and are chased, by a bipedal creature file# 01861


Date:November 25, 2005
Snohomish county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
11th Ave Ne
late afternoon
It was little field with a big old oak tree in the middle and was partially sorrounded by woods. It was about 100 yards from the closest house.
The closest road was 11th Ave ne. You go to the end of the road and there is a old quad trail that leads to a sort of meadow/field.


Description of event: Me and my good friend Ronny were riding our ATVs to scout and see if there were any deer(just for kicks and giggles). Well it's about a ten minute ride to the meadow. Well when I reached the meadow I smelled an awful stench. At first I thought that it was some garbage because a lot of people ride their ATVs into the meadow and party. Ronny was way behind me because his ATV stalled and he told me not to wait for him so I went ahead. Well when I reached the the big oak tree I stopped to take a restroom break. After I was done I got back on my ATV and was awaiting for Ronny to return. But after about 5 minutes I got impatient and started up my quad, and a second later Ronny come rippin' outta' the trail like a bat outta' hell.

He was riding so fast that it looked like a blur. He slowed down and stopped right and front of me and told me to look down the trail on the left. What I saw was like a tall ape like creature walking on its hind legs. It was staring at us and it had some awful yellow eyes. I wished that I had my camera but I was too scared to think about it. Then outta' nowhere, we hear a rustle in the near brambles to our right and notice that it is a buck and by the look on its face he was looking at what we were looking at. At that moment I don't know who made the first move, Ronny, the creature, or the dear, but it all happened at once.

Ronny bolted towards the trail and I was right on his rear. He looked back and pointed and I saw that it was following us about 20 yards on the left and was actually keeping up with us. After about 10 seconds I looked back and didn't see it and we stopped and looked for it but didn't see it and we noticed why it wasn't still behind us, we were at the road and were glad to see it. We told my father and he said that it was a black bear but we tried telling him that it wasn't a black bear because it was brown and like 10 feet tall. Well the next week, me and my dad went out there to hunt and he wanted to prove me that there was nothing and it was probably some kids that wanted to play a joke, but I thought at how it kept up with us on our ATVs.

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