Family hears "whoops" while cutting wood. file# 01869


Date:April , 2006
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sprague River Highway
Sunny and clear
early afternoon
About 1 mile north of Lone pine road junction on a logging road. I can get the exact position on request.


Description of event: On this day Me and my 2 daughters were out cutting wood just off an old logging road in the Lone Pine area. I was preparing my saw to begin cutting and my daughters were scouting the immediate are for anything interesting. I looked up and noticed on of my daughters about 40' in the air resting on a large snag that was wedged in the fork of an adjacent tree.

I said to her "Be careful up there!" She replied by saying "Shhhh! Be quiet. I hear something." We all became still and began to listen. I then heard a faint "whoop"; and then another; and another. Then the whoops overlapped. It was quiet for a few moments after that and then we heard another whoop comming from a different direction but still a good distance away.

I motioned for my duaghters to come to my position. When they arrived, We quietly speculated about what we were hearing. Me and my youngest daughter agreed that it was the same type of animal we heard only a month earlier in the same general location. My other daughter said it sounded like a flock of flying Canadian Geese. I then pointed out to her that the sounds were coming from the same locations and not moving fast enough to be anything in flight. She reluctantly agreed not knowing what it was.

My wife and yougest daughter heard a very similar sound about 2 miles south west of our position the previous month. This time, I was pretty sure we were listening to 3 creatures. 2 in the same general area and another further east of us.

We all agreed they seemed to be calling each other in order to get closer and eventually meet.

All of us felt happy and fortunate to be able to listen to these mysterious animals.

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