Hunters have large logs blocking road. file# 01870


Date:July , 2005
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 97

late afternoon
About 2 miles west of Hwy. 97 near Spring Creek. Exact location available on request.


Description of event: While out looking for for recent signs of deer,elk and sasquatch activity last month, I was lucky enough to find someting rather interesting. I was driving West on a rough and remote power line maintenance road down into a gully. At the bottom of this gully there was an upper mid section of a tree blocking the roadway.
While this might not seem significant or uncommon at first glance, it was because there were no broken trees where the road was blocked. I had traveled this same road last year after the first snow of the season and the road was clear at that time. So it had to be put there during the winter.

With any significant snow fall, the road would be impassable due to the blockage even with a 4X4.

Upon further investigation, I found the tree the broken section had come from. It was about 200' away from where it was now resting on the road. Moving the section of the broken tree this far with snow on the ground would have been an increadible task for even 3 large and healthy men.

Why block the road?

The only reason I could think of is to keep local Tribal member hunters like myself from passing through the area. There is plenty of food water and cover for a large preditor in that area and if I were using that area during the winter months, I would block the road too if I had the means to do so. I took some scale photos of the tree section , the road and the tree it came from.

The section blocking the road is pretty large and bulky. I would guess the wet weight to be around 450 pounds and the length to be around 16 feet. There was no evidence of the section being winched or pulled with avehicle by rope. All of the branches were in tact and evidence of dragging was minimal. It looked to me that something very strong had carried it to it's final resting place across the road. I looked for evidence of hair but I couldn't find any.

I plan to watch this area closely this winter.

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