Man tells of sounds heard while camping around Highway 140, Oregon. file# 01875


Date: , 1991
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Klamath Falls
Nearest road:
Route 140
Clear Skies, Starry night
We my ex and I heard it at the campground on Fish Lake. It is up route 140 heading east towards Klamath Falls from White City/Medford area about 35 miles up the highway on the south side of the road. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail goes right by there and the Brown Mtn. Lava Field is also there. Before Lake of the Woods.


Description of event: We pitched out tent late in the afternoon. Had supper and relaxed till dark. Went to bed about 10pm. About three hours later we heard this horrible sound which I could not identify even though I had spent some time off roading. I have seen and heard many coyote, and two wolves and know what they sound like. This sound was neither of them. Its EXACTLY the same sound as the Klamath California one back in 1993 recorded on your website. When I heard it, the sound brought back the memory of what I heard for total certainy! After the sound there was silence and we decided to pack up our tent and headed out as I did not want to take a chance on what it may have been. Scared the puddin' out of us. Now I would investigate it. The sound carried over the lake crystal clear. After coming up on your website and clicking on the Klamath sound byte, I'll never forget it. I told my close friend today "I heard that sound before"!!! I, within a few seconds on hearing the byte recognized it. Its a great recording whoever did it. I wish I had reported it then but soon forgot it until your website. I am absolutely sure that these creatures exist. And it nothing like the debunkers are trying to say. They should have heard it like I did and they would never forget it. I wish I stayed to listen to it again. I believe it lives near Mt. McLaughlin.

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