Man finds footprint, capture it on VHS. file# 01928


Date:March , 2004?
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Cannot Remember. Little River Rd.?
early afternoon
Would need to see map to be sure. From Glide take little river Rd. follow it until it becomes dirt. follow signs to lake of the woods/hemlock lake. The road signs direct you to hemlock lake/campground.road snowed under in dead of winter. Old cave used to exist but was buried years ago.


Description of event: My wife and I decided to try to drive up to hemlock lake as the first signs of snowmelt were happening and I wanted to see lake without other people. My brother had told me of an encounter with a bigfoot at the lake he had had years earlier. I was skepticle. As we turned right after a fork in the road and proceeded a short distance up the road, the road was blocked by snow.I got out and walked up though the snow to see if it opened back up around the corner. I found the track in the snow and videotaped it. I placed my hand by it in video for size reference. track was about 14 - 16 inches long and 8-9 inches wide. Although armed with a .44 magnum I felt we were being watched and I decided we should leave.

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