Man sees track, possible creature while 4-wheeling near Coos Bay file# 02017


Date:November 19, 2006
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Coos Bay
Nearest road:
US Highway 101
late afternoon
We were on 4 wheelers and riding up a lightly used trail. +43 deg 17'.41 00"N, -124 deg 15'.10 79"W approximately. I would like it kept confidential. I plan on returning as this track would have been made the day before we saw it.


Description of event: We had been riding wheelers all over getting muddy, wet, and generally being reckless and having a great time. I was riding behind two other riders and saw the track just before the rider in front of me ran it over. The trail we were on hadn't been ridden on recently. The heavy rains made the trail bare of any wheeler tracks so the track was easy for me to spot. We rode all over above where we saw the track before seeing it. After exploring every trail above it we came back down and that's when I saw it. The trail must have been made recently. In my opinion it had walked up the hill then ran back down after we explored all the trails above trying to avoid contact with us. The reason I make this speculation is because as we rode back down the hill and through the trails below I swore I saw something standing upright on a trail about 200 yards to the West of us. That would mean that it likely traveled in a straight line almost due North. I was riding fairly fast and only caught a glimpse of something my mind may have been filling in the blanks for me.

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