Several screams heard from the woods and dogs scared file# 02307


Date:August , 1995
Skagit county, WA
Nearest town:
Sedro Wooley
Nearest road:
Prairie Road
Rain, Between Showers
I would have to find my old address for you. I was living at the rural Sedro-Wooley location at the time (1995). I do have that address if you are interested. I was standing in front of my house when the sound came from the trees.


Description of event: Late Summer, 1995. I was working in a small shop behind my house. My dogs were outside and would not normally come into the shop becuase my metal chop saw is too loud & sparky for them. I had cut a "doggy door" in the wall and they could come in & out freely during the day.

I was working late one night, being loud on the chop saw. I wear a face mask/respirator, full length coveralls, ear protection, goggles, the whole thing. Can't really hear much going on outside the place, you know?....when all of the sudden I feel my dogs at my feet. Labs, you know? When they get excited, waggin tails & asses, I mean they practically knock you down. These two dogs didn't appear to be excited though. Not like they are when you are preparing to go throw frisbies or tennis balls. This was one of those, "I'm scared" kinds of behaviors. Huddling close to my legs, tails beating my legs & feet. Tongues waggin wildly, eyes big & looking right at me. Not barking, which was out of character for the older female. I said, "What the hell is wrong with you two?"

I turned the saw off.

I ask the two dogs again, "What the hell is wrong with you." Just that fast..this deep scream/yell sound came from the outside of my shop. It didn't register to me right away what I was hearing, although I had payed attention to Bigfoot & Sasquach stories for years. I guess it just never registered to me where I was exactly when I moved from Colorado. It scream/yelled again so I opened up the door and went out to check it out. I felt that I needed to check on things at the house which was just a few feet from the door of this small backyard shop.

I stepped outside and began walking towards the house and then, with no earplugs, or anything on my head to obstruct my hearing, the damn thing let loose with another one of it's scream/yells. Well, I want to tell you just what the sensation was like when it hit my ears but I'm actually a little bit afraid to fully go into it. I'll just say that the shivers that I got from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet was actually painful. My heart not only jumped, I think it actually may have stopped beating for a second or two. I mean, I had never before experienced such searing fright before & have not since.

I could not move, or look away from the spot where this sound eminated from. I couldn't see this thing but every other sense that I possessed told me that this was not a cow, a mountain lyon, Elk, dear, horse, man or woman. I have heard & been rudely awakened by Donkeys, Mules, Black Angus Bulls, Owls of all types, Cyote, Cougars, Bear, Bobcats, lots of dogs, cats, etc. You name it. I've done my share of sleeping out or sleeping with the windows open around farms most of my life. Especially with Donkeys & Mules, a person gets surprised awake but almost as soon as you hear one of these rude creatures you get over being scared & start cussing the pitiful animal...this was quite a different affair.

This sound froze you where you stood. Breathing became optional all of the sudden. Paralysis of every kind seemed to hit my body & soul....& you know what, which I didn't notice right away....the damn dogs didn't following me out the door. They would have usually been running hell bent right into whatever the disturbance might have been. Not this time. They were staying in that little shop this time.

I think the thing that saved me from dying of a heart attack was the fact that I at least quickly made a realization to myself & accepted the fact that I was being yelled at by a Bigfoot. It was simply the only thing that made any sense to me whatsoever. You may not believe this, I don't hardly believe it myself but the next thing that happened was, for me, a remarkable thing.

After standing there & listening to the third, 4th & 5th scream/yell, outside & getting the full brunt of this things....anger? I guess? Within that time the sound (while not saying this to me in words you understand), the sound told me an awful lot about who I was hearing....notice I'm not saying "it." I actaully spoke out to this......whatever? I said, "I'm not here to do any harm."

I can't be sure exactly what I heard at that point. There was no more yelling. I thought I might have caught something like a "humph!" or maybe it was just a blow of air through the nose...I'm not sure.

All I can tell you is that I finally coaxed my dogs into the house with me & from the time I closed my shop, walked the dogs into the house & finally got the door shut & locked, I felt like I was at work & the boss was interested in my every move. I mean, this thing was eyeballing me, you know? I could feel it.

Well, I'm stopping there. I mean there were other days up there, little sounds, little smells, but nothing like that first night. My heart sank out of my shoes. This is the first time I've ever written it down. Thanks for the forum. Good luck in your hunt.

Sincerely Yours,
A Believer.

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