Hikers have feeling of being watched and then hear something break through the ice nearby

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Date:March 29, 1989
Kittitas county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FR? North Out Of Salmon La Sac
clear, full moon
This was obviously years ago, but still an active area: Take right turn past Sal la Sac ranger station uphill, continue to meadows.


Description of event: I know the exact date because it was my 21st birthday. A buddy of mine and I were going to use snowshoes to get to a lake (can show on a good map) camp, then continue to Cathedral Rock for a free climb, then out all the way. We couldn't get the snowshoes to work (we'd made them in scouts as kids), so elected to agressively post-hole. Not a sign of humans all the way up the valley as we cut up-slope, right to lake.

The next morning I woke last, and buddy was all excited over this track way into, around, then back where it came from. My buddy was comming back from following them as I groggily came out of my tent. I really wanted to believe HE made them, ignoring that they were bigger and deeper than our own. My mind wouldn't let me even go there.

We got up on the ridge (amazing view!) and hiked straight up to Cathedral Rock. I have to admit feeling watched while we traversed the lower buttress over to a long, steep couloir, where I suddenly felt 'out of sight'. Half way up the couloir, with the lower entrance out of sight, the feeling of not being alone again popped in, but I ignored it, which was easy, because we were on steep ice in places. We didn't make it to the top, and retreated with the afternoon in wane.

By the time we got back down into the valley, it was dark, and the moon was coming up over the valley. Aside from the shadows, we could see all the trees and open snow. Again, we were amazed.
As the moon got higher, though, we were getting rather fatigued, and my buddy was lagging behind. I'd wait, admire the scene, he'd lag, I'd wait, etc.

Well we got to a wooded stretch, following the road cut-out, next to where Fish (Tucquala) Lake is, and my friend fell way behind when I was about 2/3 way through. I went to the opening near the south end of the lake, and waited. When he was maybe 3/4 way through, I heard him call my name, but it didn't sound like he was looking for me. I wondered how he could be closer than he sounded, because it was as if he was wondering "is that you?".

I not too loudly said "I'm right here". After a few seconds, behind me, to my right, maybe 150' away, I heard two rapidly succeding footfalls break through ice and water and hit the bottom, as if it was moving pretty swiftly, broke through unexpectedly, then froze, as in stopped cold in its tracks, as if it saw me (and it could), and knew it had been 'caught'. I wanted to think it was a cat that had followed us, but it sounded exactly like the cadence of two long legs crunching through alot of ice, displacing a lot of everything.

My mind raced through all this in about a whole second, so just as I started to look over towards the shadows of the woods where this occured, hoping it wasn't my buddy, saying, "M, is that you?", my buddy pops out behind me and to my LEFT, about 75'! He comes up to me, out of breath, but very alert now, saying he thought I'd taken two steps into the ice, and that something had been walking beside him out of his sight, and he'd called my name because he thought it was me! I couldn't even speak right by this point, so instead of trying to finish saying "I thought it was YOU, but it sounded so big!" we just both looked at each other and said "its big".

And it hadn't moved! It hadn't shifted, tried to get out and back into the woods, nothing - it was just there, in the shadows of a cluster of trees on the edge of the lake! It wasn't really that passive until it made the two huge crashing footfalls through the ice...

We managed to make it the rest of the way without feeling followed, but that didn't keep us from hurrying, and looking over our shoulders.

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