Two creatures making noises outside of home and try door knob file# 02378


Date:March , 1986
Snohomish county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
pre dawn dark hours
Sunnyside housing development mid location


Description of event: I kept hearing running noises in the middle of the night and my door knob to the front door used to jiggle but no one was there so one night I stayed up and watched at the back yard to catch a glimpse of what the heck was making the racket. At about 3am I was watching thru the window, back a ways, and saw 2 males, one taller and larger than the other. I thought, "Ok, it's two juvenile black guys, but hey wait! Their arms are hanging mid thigh level. Too long!"

They seemed pals as they walked and hairy smaller one thin. Then as they were heading out of my back yard they disappeared into my neighbors fence! Ok I was freaked out, especially because the side neighbor's dog did not bark at all and he should have. It did answer the questions of mischief doing at night around my house but too weird! My father also looked out our front door when the door jiggled at night and nothing was there. He was spooked. Another night, my husband watched also. True story...

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