Man in a bus has an experience that lasted throughout the night file# 02815


Date:November , 2006
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
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1 Mile
On my property on Canon Rd. would like to search for the thing sometime, with a group of people of course.


Description of event: Me and my friend took a school bus I had just bough,t up to my property. It was gutted out for living, but had many unblocked windows. My friend slept in his truck. Just as I fell asleep, around 2 or so, I was woke up by my whole bus shaking. A 35 footer. I was in disbelief and so scared I couldn't move. 20 seconds or so later I flew out of my sleeping bag, yelled, and hit the school bus wall.

By the way my, friend was in his truck 100+ feet away by the fire pit. There was no way I was going way over there to wake him up, although, I would have loved to. Anyway, then a whole new kind of event started. My property is not very rocky and rocks started clapping together, making my hair stand up on my neck. I could feel something wasn't happy about this bus and me being there. I've slept outside many times there and never seen or heard anything strange.

Anyway the rocks, I presume, where from my other unused firepit, and they continued to clap together. Farther, then closer, then right outside. Finally, being so scared, I jumped up, started the bus, turned on every light, and was ready to run the thing over. Hoping it would go away, I let it run for a while, then shut it off and went to bed.

It started again, this time there sounded to be two. One of whatever it was claps sounded to be kneeling down and maybe an adolescent, and an adult. I also looked out the windows and this was very scary, being a fish in a fishbowl. The clapping continued. Sometimes it was louder, like whatever it was didn't want me there. Some of the fire rocks broke in its hands from the claps. It lasted all night, and I didn't sleep all night.

Usually I would have a gun but I don't own any anymore. Anyway, I guess that's why I don't go there alone. And if any of you know where Packwood is, it's in the center of the Cascades, south of Mt. Ranier. It's known for its elk herd. What happened to me was so crazy, I almost still don't believe it. I would love to believe it could have been a bear, except the rock clacking. It was no human either. This far out, all night long, in the rain, I would have saw a human.

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