Very close yells/screams heard in steep narrow canyon file# 03328


Date:April , 1984
Chelan county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Missios Creek Road
Clear and sunny
About 3 miles past end of pavement going up Mission Creek Road from Casmere. Turn left at fork at end of pavement. Left fork follows Mission Creek. Right fork goes up Sand Creek.


Description of event: My wife, my brother, and myself were taking a road trip through the mountains from Wenatchee, Wa. to Casmere via #2 canyon out of Wenatchee then down Mission Creek to Cashmere. About 1 or 2 miles past the point where #2 road reachs Mission Creek Road we stopped on the side of the road. My brother and I had to take a 'restroom' break. We were outside the car 10 or 15 seconds when the scream started.

The canyon is very steep at this point with only room for the road and the creek in the bottom. We were parked facing downstream (north) toward Casmere. On our left (west) was the creek and very thick timber going up the hill. On our right(east) was a huge smooth rock formation that went up very high. You could not see over it. This is the side I think the scream started from.

It seemed to carry over our heads from east to west. It sounded like it was right on top of us. VERY close! And it DOES make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Anyway, we did what all rational people do at a time like this, we got the heck out of there. My brother and I debated all the way home what it could have been. We both grew up in the Blue Mountains of Washington. We have hunted, fished and camped all our lives. We have heard everything out there. My wife grew up in the city. She didn't know what to believe.

Yet about a month later my wife and were watching some show on T.V. when they played a bigfoot scream. It was a good one because it still made my hair stand up. My wife looked at me with big eyes and said, "My god, that was a bigfoot we heard!". I have heard all the so called 'bigfoot recordings' on the internet and even have a C.D. of them, but I guarantee you if I could have recorded this I would have the best recording of bigfoot ever made. It was that close and that clear!

We saw no signs of any other humans up there. There are only two ways in or out the canyon. We know we were the only ones in the area. I wish now that we would have waited to maybe hear a response or see it or look for tracks but truth is, when you hear it that close, it DOES scare the HECK out of you. Since then I have been suprised how many people living here have had encounters but kept quiet about it. I have a few secondhand stories(including sightings!) from this area if you would like to contact me.

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