Rancher sees glowing eyes at night, about 8 feet from the ground

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Date:April 24, 2007
Lewis county, WA
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Hwy 12, Falls Rd
wet outside.. night time. cold. ??
Hwy 12 Randle, WA.


Description of event: We have been having something stalking our property the last few nights that we have noticed. We have a mare getting ready to foal so we have been spotlighting the field to watch her and make sure she is okay. Well the last two nights we have seen eyes peering at us from the woods. Shortly after we spot it, it runs off or something. It is VERY tall, above the fence and sticker bushes. Possibly in a tree maybe, but we can only see the eyes. It bobs or trys to avoid the light when shined at it.

The eyes are very big and about six inches or so apart from each other. It didn't make any noise while we watched it but it did spook our horses and dogs, not to mention US! I called the Sheriff and the wildlife guy came out and we thought maybe a cougar. But he told us he didn't think so as what we described is not a typical cougar sighting or anything. He said maybe a racoon or something but I do not agree as the eyes where WAY too large and my horses would not have acted that way they did.

Um, I can't really think of anything else to state. I am VERY tired right now and just want to sleep. If you have any questions please feel free to conatct us. We are not sure what this thing is but I have been researching what we have seen and it points to bigfoot possibly. I can't find anywhere as to anyone seeing eyes at night though so not sure. Thanks for your time.

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Investigation by: Troy Chaffee

Troy Chaffee

OregonBigfoot.com Investigator

Orting, WA

I am 41 years old and employed for the past 10 years by the King County Sheriff's Office, Seattle, WA. I am a Bomb Technician, Bomb Dog Handler, Search and Rescue Duty Officer, and professional tracker. Prior to the KCSO I was a Criminal Investigator for the US Army for 13 years. I am certified as a Professional Tracker through a national organization which focuses on man-tracking (read bi-pedal movement). I have been researching Bigfoot at some level or another since I had my first encounter with one in Gold Beach, OR at age 8. I had another encounter at Fort Lewis, WA in 1989 and have been an avid researcher since then. I currently in the process of moving to Orting, WA, very near where Sali and Autumn lived during the era of "Valley..." and have begun to see interesting activity in the same area.