Man has feeling of being watched and fear file# 03860


Date: , 2006
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
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Residential area. Between town of Magalia and Nimshew.


Description of event: I have read several accounts of individuals coming in contact or close contact with BF and I noticed a trend of "being watched" or "followed" and this is where my story starts - one evening I ventured out to my vehicle in the driveway to retrieve something and on the way back from my vehicle, some 60 feet from front door to car, I was hit with this incredible sense of being watched. Now I do have neighbors on both sides and it was pitch black, but the feeling I got was an incredible sense of fear! I have had the occasional feeling of being watched now and then in the public and what not, but this feeling was very different in that I have never had the intensity like that evening! I remember walking up the steps to the house with the feeling that I was about to be attacked but was to terrified to turn around and look. I do remember that when I got into the house I turned on all the outside lights and peered out the windows but saw nothing suspicious. The other thing is that my wife and I have a couple of cats and they usually greet me outside but they were no where to be found on that evening. I told my wife about this incident shortly thereafter and she just kind of laughed it off as me being paranoid. Who knows? I just came across this website and noticed some stories that matched mine and sightings in and around my area. I have never before or to this day had a repeat of the intensity of being "watched" as I had on that evening.

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