This location is within seven miles of the Oregon Caves National Park, where another bigfoot was reported to be seen. file# 03862


Date:October 10, 2004
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Cave Junction
Nearest road:
Oregon Caves Rd
Hot, dry
I don't think it's a good idea to tell the exact location of this sighting as the property has been sold to other people.


Description of event: First let me say that this is a true story--
My friend called me to ask if I would stay at his property while he and his wife went back East to care for his ailing mother; about 2 weeks he asked. I said sure and I arrived on or about 10/10/2004 mid-afternoon. As soon as I arrived they left for the airport in Grants Pass for their flight. I was left with directions on what to feed the chickens, goats, and pets. My friends had just moved onto this property a few weeks before, he had planted a large garden, cleared some forest land for a pasture and etc.

At 6am the next morning, I walked out to the barn roughly a hundered yards from the house to feed the chickens and goats, and was surprised to see the goats in the back part of the pasture already as they had been locked in the barn the evening before. As I approached the barn door I suddenly found the door was open, the wood handle was over my head in height from the ground was in the up position, I looked into the barn and all I saw was a mess of chicken feathers everywhere--bloodly mess also.

Not a single chicken was to be found just feathers--so I back-tracked out of the barn, there I noticed these huge human looking foot prints, 5 toed and about 16 inches in length. These were leading off toward the river which was down over the bank thru thick timber, and blackberry vines. I followed these tracks, which was not hard thru the thickets, down to the river. There I was surprised again at finding a huge set of rocks stacked onto each other, about 4 feet high, with some chicken feathers laying about. I was then starting to get worried, and quickly got back to the barn, fed the goats, which were not bothered as for as I could tell.

That day went by so quickly as I dreaded seeing the darkness of night come on. That evening I locked the goats in the barn, put a pad lock on the handle, and settled in for a long night of thinking about what I had found that morning. I had already carried in the firewood enough to last all night, and was disturbed at the fact they was no curtains on any windows in their house. Anyone or anythig could see inside the house if the lights were on. I left most of the lights off!!

I went into a back bedroom to email my friend to tell him about his chickens. I was sitting next to a corner window using the computer when suddenly a big, tall shadow walked directly by right in front of the window. I looked into the eyes of a creature roughly 8 feet tall, hair covered most of the body, full facial features were not clear in the moon light, but was enough the scare me silly!! I was quiet, kept the lights off, and heard this bigfoot walk onto the deck outside, I went from room to room as quickly as I could to watch what he would do outside. I was armed with a .38 special, but no way I would have shot this creature with a small weapon as this.

Finally after about 10 minutes he was gone, just walked back into the edge of the timber down toward the river. Next morning at daylight I was outside looking at these 16 inches tracks thinking about how heavy this creature had to be to leave tracks that were around an inch and a half deep in rather dry ground. This location is within seven miles of the Oregon Caves National Park, where another bigfoot was reported to be seen.

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