Mechanic repairing equipment 'ratteled' at job site file# 03928


Date:August 18, 2007
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Seven Mile Lane
late afternoon
Clear cut zone next to the calapooia river. earth moving equimpment all over and large piles of brush and a peremater of trees aroud the area. a few houses were in the area next to the town it self.


Description of event: Well, I am a Traveling Diesel Mechanic. I was asked by My uncle to come down to his construction site to repair a broken drive shaft on a truck. Well its still being cleared and is in the outskirts of Brownsville its self. So I feel like somthing was watching me and i looked around alot mostl over by the River where it was still wooded alot of brush. well i shruged it off and got my tools out and crawled under the truck and i started working. talking to my self as i work i started to notice that the birds and other animals in the area just stopped. soon i heard brush snapping and cracking over at the river. crawling out to her more tools i heard it all stop and then some grunting started over to the brush. At first i thought it to be a black bear and went back to work after pulling out my pistol from my truck cab. well the brush start to move again and then stopped again at this moment it made me remember my last run in with a 'bigfoot' i got the most sickening smell of must and wet dog kind of smell with a hint of roten/fresh fish.
well i smashed my hand and started to curse and yell when a rock went flying and hit the dump bed of the dump truck. I crawled out with my gun drawn i looked around and i found large depressions like huge feet bigger them mine 14' they seemed to be 18 or more inches i didnt have a camera or anything to take pictures or anything to record the whole thing. but i finished my work and left not so scared but ratteled to no have seen anything.

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