Witness describes two encounters near Toppenish

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Date:October 06, 2007
Yakima county, WA
Nearest town:
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Clear and dry
Exact location confidential.


Description of event: I was pulling into my sister's driveway. I glanced to my left and saw something that stood about 10 feet tall. It was about 12 feet away from our car, and then it turned its head and looked right at me. I startled it and it jumped over an irrigation ditch. I couldn't see it after that. It was so huge and hulking. I couldn't see if it were hairy or anything like that, I was very scared by it. It appeared to be watching my sister inside her house. She had been home alone and we were bringing her grandson home from the fair (he lived in the house). I was so dumbstruck that I didn't mention it to anyone until today.

I saw bigfoot once before about 28 years ago on this same road. It was running down Curlew Rd. towards Toppenish. I wasn't sure what I was seeing, because it was carrying something. It covered both sides of a two-lane road. It was running and it had a gait that was from side to side. It was in the wee hours, about 5 or 6 am. I woke up both of my children to witness what I was seeing. This is my second sighting, so I believe the bigfoot inhabit the area.

I was told many years ago that they have trails underwater that lead to their underground homes. This is an Indian legend. By the way, I am Native American. Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone what I saw. I saw something very tall. I wasn't sure what it was until it turned its head and looked right at me. I was very frightened. I begin praying silently and tried to process in my mind what I just saw. It looked right at me and then jumped across the irrigation ditch. I didn't see it again after that. I looked back and tried to see it again, but it was gone. I have no idea where it went to. The irrigation ditch was less then one foot deep by this time, so it didn't jump into the ditch.

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