Elementary school campout - witness reports encounter in Williamson River area

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Date:March , 1998
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
County Road, Off Of Hwy 97 North
Cool, Clear, Slightly Cloudy
About 1.5 miles past the Collier State Logging Museum, there is a dirt road, possibly an old logging trail. You drive down it for about 1-2 miles, and park. There should be a trail to hike up, that goes along the Williamson River. After a short hike, you will come upon a clearing. Across the river,(about 100-200 yds), there is a large rock formation sticking out from the hill.


Description of event: I was on a camping trip with my 6th grade class. The teacher, Steve Campbell brought a group from our class up to the Williamson River for a trip to reward the students who had few or no disciplinary problems for the year.

We drove up Highway 97, and about 1-2 miles past the Collier State Park, we turned onto a dirt road. We continued down it for a while, stopped, and parked the trucks. We hiked up a trail with our backpacks for about 1.5 miles. We came to the camp spot, across the Williamson from a large rockface jutting from the hillside. We set up our tents about 100-200 yards away from the river. Myself, and two other guys were in one tent, and the girls in the other. We were about asleep, and contemplating scaring the girls, when we noticed all of the bugs, and animals around went dead silent, followed by a terrible stench, like rotting flesh. Then came the breaking branches, footsteps, and grunts. I looked out the door of the tent to see if it was the girls harassing us. Flashlight pointed out, I looked, and to my horror, I saw three tall, dark figures, with glowing yellow eyes. They were about 9 feet tall, hairy, and hideous. I love gorillas, and I can tell you for a fact, that it was no gorilla! They looked human in the face, and in posture. When I looked into their eyes, I felt like death had come for me. I couldn't move, and I was cold all over. I dove back into the tent, and we heard them howl. It sounded like a mixture of a wolf crying, and a woman screaming. A few minutes later, we heard, and felt something hit the tent, as if they had thrown a tree branch at it. When we got up, the branches on trees around us were snapped, and there were branches littered around our camp site. Since then, I have completely avoided the Williamson River area.

I do plan to go back, however, to try to capture them on film, sound recording, and hopefully find more evidence to support what I know I saw.

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