Nocturnal biped visits young campers near Prineville file# 04032


Date:June 21, 2007
Crook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

At the prineville campground 2nd closest to the dam. about 15 feet off the river


Description of event: I was camping with my cousin and a few of his friends at the campground. We got there at around 10 and were in our tents asleep at maybe 1 or 2. i was just about to go to sleep and i smelt a wet dog smell, i figured it was one fo the guys in the tent passing gas or something so i tried to sleep. then a few mins later i heard walking outside our tent. i didnt think much of it thinking it could have been a bear or something. but i listened closer and i realized that whatever it was was making circles around our tents and it sounded like it was on two feet much like a human walk but each step was 4 or 5 feet apart. so i sat and listened to it for a while and it came closer to our tent. I heard a foot step maybe 6 inches from the corner of the tent right next to me and i stayed as still as possible to keep from making any sound. i heard it touch the top of our tent in kind of a petting motion. and i could hear breathing from quite a few feet above me. The breathing was very deep and then it walked away and i didnt hear it again. i didnt know what to make of it but i talked with a few of the people with us and most of them heard it but didnt think anything of it. I have been in a house in a forrest in colorado my whole life. ive been around most of the animals and im a bio student and i couldnt come up with what it could have been. it sounded like a huge man with a bad wet dog or rotting smell.

record updated:2007-12-01 03:46:59