Dogs react to creature's presence while man is hunting at night file# 04053


Date:January , 1989
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Green River
clear and cool
pre dawn dark hours
I was driving on the main logging road leading from Morton to camp 18 and the Toutle River Valley.


Description of event: Facts of the incident as nearly as I can recall... I have only mentioned this to close family members until now.

I was out hunting for fur with my hounds, for bobcat and coon. I was alone with my 3 hounds and had been driving the logging roads and creek bottoms checking the snow along the road for sign or tracks of any recent animal activity.

I had put the dogs up on the top of the dog box in the back of my truck where they could pick up the scent of any animal that had crossed the road, or was near the road. I was driving along slowly, (this is how you hunt with hounds for the most part - wait for them to catch the scent drifting up to them and they will open up and strike with a bark letting you know they smell game they have been trained to pursue). It was getting along about 2:30 am, and it was a cold night. Not much was moving, so I was gonna bag it and head home.

I was at the end of a long spur road and had turned around and was driving back up out of a fairly deep timbered canyon. I recall I had just topped out again, and was on a straight away, when all hell broke loose - my dogs went ballistic up on top of the box. At first I thought, "Alright! A hot track". Whatever they had scented must have just crossed the road because I had just been through there about 15 minutes earlier and they did not let out a peep.

I had my head out the window looking for tracks in the snow along side my rig with my flashlight on, when I heard crunching sounds - I mean CRUNCHING sounds - loud enough to be heard above my dogs howls. At first I didn't grasp what I was hearing, then it dawned on me... something very large was running up towards me on the logging road. My dogs were no longer barking like they wanted to chase anything. They were howling and wanting to get inside the dog box.

Let me tell you - these dogs had no fear. They would pull the hair out of a black bears a$$ and make a bear climb a tree. They would tree the bear and not leave until I came along to harvest the bear, or leash them up and leave the bear for another hunt.

I heard the noises behind me gaining on me, as now I could hear gravel crunching or whatever. It was was running up on me and closing in fast. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I hit the gas pedal and hauled a$$ out of there. I drove like crazy as fast as I could go, and as far as the blacktop road, before I stopped to put my dogs back inside the dog box.

Whatever it was, it was big, and running on two legs. If not running, then walking with huge strides. It was about 50 ft behind my bumper when I floored it. I am sure it was hit with flying rocks from my tires spinning. I have no clue what it was, and have never gone back into that area alone to hunt at night.

I also had another weird thing happen to me, and a friend, while hunting down in Oregon where I grew up. We both heard a long howling sound as we were in the deep dark timber one night while coon hunting with our hounds near Fishhawk Lake, in Clatsop County. We were both on foot, and had walked up the ridge above the creek about a mile in, as we could hear the dogs work the track better up out of the creek bottom. We spent about an hour listening to our hounds work a cold track, then they just quit it cold. We did not hear them anymore at all - they just shut up.

Last we heard of them they were heading back down the creek towards the truck, then we heard off in the distance a sound like a wolf howling but much louder and more drawn out. We both heard it, and said to each other, "WTF was that"?

Neither of us had heard anything like it before, and we both had spent many nights alone as well as with other's - hunting, walking, chasing, following our hounds through the woods in pursuit of big and small game. Then we heard it again, but closer. We knew it was not a wolf, or any animal we had ever heard.

This was back in 1993 in the Blodgett tract of the Oregon State Forest land near Fishhawk Lake Road and Jawbone Ridge Road.

We both turned on our flashlights and started heading back down the ridge toward the road where my pick up was parked. We heard the howl again - closer than before, as it was getting closer to us. We began to hurry our pace. Soon we heard movement off to the side of us just out of site of our lights. Whenever we would stop moving whatever it was stopped too. As soon as we started to go again we would hear a branch break or a twig snap, and it was moving when we moved - stopping when we stopped.

I had a 12 gauge, and my friend had a 22 pistol. We knew if worse came to worse we could defend ourselves, but it never came that close. We made it to the road and our dogs were all ready in the dog box ready to go home - as were we.

We shut up the tail gate and left the area discussing what just took place and not believing it just happened.

A couple of years ago I was checking out a bigfoot site online and I was listening to recordings of purported bigfoot noises - the Ohio howling I think it was - and, oh my god, deja-vu - the same sound to a tee!
It sent chills up my back to hear it again. Damn, if thats what it was we also heard I'd have to say it was a bigfoot then as well, from the sounds it made.

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