Witness report encounter at family cabin

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Date:August 22, 2007
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Crescent Junction
Nearest road:
Hwy. 58
Extremely Stormy
pre dawn dark hours
Crescent Junction area. Near family cabin. Exact location confidential


Description of event: A friend and I decided to head up to my cabin on Crescent Creek. It's a beautiful place surrounded by nature, and peace.

Upon arrival, we were both hesitant to get out of the car, due to the foggy and haphazard conditions. Once we finally exited my car, we went into the cabin to get things warmed up [it gets extremely cold at night]. I lit up a small fire, and my friend and I bundled up to go down on the dock to look at the stars through the intermittent clears passing overhead.

It was absolutely gorgeous, the moon and stars would peek out every few seconds and shine on the misty creek and meadow across the creek from us. We found it easy to relax, until we both became alert from hearing some kind of animal activity.

My friend looked to me, as if I might know what it was [I've been going to my cabin for my whole life, and have never been afraid to explore around the area, despite recent cougar, and black bear sightings in the area]. My friend was franticly looking through the wilderness with our weak beam of light. I looked at him, and whispered to be as quiet as possible, and listen closely. At that point, him and I both heard tree branches breaking on one side of the cabin gaining proximity to the creek. We both froze, and turned off the flashlight. Suddenly, the tree branches were breaking more rapidly, as if something was running through them now towards the creek.

"SPLASH" - I have to say, it was one of the most resounding splashes I've ever heard. I've heard deer jumping in and out of that creek all my life, and I've never heard such a deep, water displacing splash. I clicked the light on immediately, thinking it could be a cougar or a bear, and we should take our shaky selves inside the cabin.

Once turning the light on where we heard the splash, we could definitely see that the water had been greatly displaced. There were large ripples running with the slow current in the small pool area where we assumed it had jumped into. We were both wanting to go in by now, but were too afraid to move, so we searched the area closer to where we were.

My flashlight shook with my hand as I moved it closer in the bushes [along the bank line] to the dock we were on. Suddenly my friend grabbed my arm without a word, and I stopped with the flashlight. It was a fairly large bush, from what I could tell in that lighting, but what I was fixated on was a pair of what seemed to be large dark, glassy eyes. Not moving, not blinking, just stuck on us. Around the eyes was what I would compare to a smooth baboon face, maybe. Except much much larger. It didn't move, no matter if I moved the light on it or anything. Then, of course, without any warning, the light flickered out [don't buy flashlights from the dollar store] and when I had finally hit it enough times to get it to illuminate again, what we saw was gone.

By this time, my friend and I were absolutely terrified, and both of us bolted for the cabin. Once we were in the cabin, we made something to eat, and warmed up the fire a bit, and tried to figure out what we just saw. We were both able to decide on the fact that we've never seen anything like it before.

About 25-30 minutes after relaxing indoors, we were sitting on a window bordered bed, talking some more about it. My friend became ghostly white, looked at me, and pointed to the roof on our side [our cabin is an a-frame]. When I focused my attention there, I heard what sounded like a stick, or claws about 6 feet up on the inclined roof [which would lead me to believe that whatever it was, was much larger than 6 or so feet] the scratching continued, declining and reaching the end of the roof. Which meant it was now much closer to the window we were sitting by.

We were frozen, my friend had his back to the window, and I was facing it with the curtains drawn. We both sat there silently for a moment, and then heard a deep, almost gravelly inhale and exhale. I signaled my friend to get away from the window, and we headed up to the loft of the cabin.

We were both terrified, but came up with an exit strategy. We found high powered flashlights, and shined them out the upstairs window, scanning for whatever beast we had just heard.

We saw nothing, so we went downstairs, jumped in my car and bolted up to Odell Butte for the remaining dark hours.

When we came back to clean the place up, there was a large dark wet spot near the front door of the cabin, and the smell that lingered was awful. I would almost compare it to ammonia, except it didn't burn my nose. We got everything together and bolted out of there as fast as possible.

When I got home, I shared my experience and of course was ridiculed, except to hear that my aunt had a similar experience at our cabin, years and years ago. Coincidence? Or something more?

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