Man shares childhood account of 2 creatures watching him sledding near Birkenfield file# 04130


Date: , 1991
Columbia county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Fishhawk Road
cold but clear


Description of event: I was eleven years old my father took me and my older brother and sister and two cousins sledding on a logging road not to far from where we lived at the time its higher in elevation with better snow we where sledding at a place called the five mile cause it was a steep hill on the left side of the hill was all timber and on the right side was a clearcut and there was a road at the bottom of the hill that went out into the clearcut my father had built a fire at the top of the hill and we were all having a good time I took a solo run down the hill when I got to the bottom and came to a stop I got off the sled and when I stood up and turned to my right thats when I saw two large creatures watching me I then turned and walked slow at first then I ran

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