Growl/yell heard near Mount St. Hellens file# 04308


Date:June 18, 2008
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Forest Road 83
early morning
On Mt St Helens, right at tree line, on the worm flows climbing route.


Description of event: We were climbing Mt St Helens when we heard a growling in the woods to the south west of our location at the tree line of the worm flows climbing route. We stopped to listen and heard it repeatedly. At first we thought it sounded like a bear. But as it got closer, and louder, it sounded more like a cross between a bear and some kind of dog. We have heard bears, coyotes, and various kinds of animals many times on our trips, and this didn't sound like any.

There were at least two of whatever they were. One to the west was most vocal, then we heard a loud, close growl, yell, from the east. We decided at that point to get as far up above the tree line as possible.
It was at apx 2am, Snow on ground, and full moon. No, we did not look for physical evidence. Just wanted to get away, if it were bears, we didnt want to see them, and coming back down, we were exhausted and wanted to go home.

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