Footprints observed at edge of clear cut forest file# 04345


Date:August 25, 2005
Snohomish county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


mid morning
Near the Stillaguamish River on the edge of old growth forest and clearcut that was grown back aprox 12 years.


Description of event: While walking through thick brush my friend and I discovered 1 footprint in mud between old growth and clearcut. I pointed out to him that there seemed to only be four toes on the footprint. We found one additional foot print a quarter mile away in a similar edge of the same clearcut in the same direction towards Darington. This area was very thick and steep terrain and the footprints were very large, approximatly 14 to 18 inches long and about 9 inches wide. We could not follow the tracks because the ground was densely grown over with vegetation and the only visible prints were in muddy areas on the edge of the old growth.

There was a pass nearby and a creek that flowed down to the Stillaguamish River. We had seen several signs of bears in the area but these prints were nothing at all like the prints made by bears. Several miles on the other side of the pass, towards Mount Baker direction, we dicovered an extreamly large cave in the side of the mountain, on the north side of the hill near a stream that was miles from any roads. This large cave was several hundreds of feet in height and large enough to fly a helicopter into. It was in a very remote area and it appeared to be a volcanic tube that went far into the mountian from where we were standing. Neither of us had a flashlight nor some form of protection.

We wanted to explore the cave but we never got the chance after discussing the fear of running into a bear or mountain lion which could be using the cave. We decided to leave, since it would be getting dark soon and we had quite a walk and drive back to town. We planned to go back to check it out another weekend but his wife refused to let him go because they had a newborn baby and she was afraid we might get hurt. I have thought about the possibility that this bigfoot lives in that cave. That could be miles long and could easily hibernate in that place in the winter, deep in the geo thermal caverns of Mount Baker. Also, the vegetation in the area is full of edible mushrooms and blueberries along with streams full of fish and ferns and oldgrowth forest surounding this secluded area. It is also with in a few miles of the Sauk River to the east.

We were hiking in the Suiattle drainage one summers day and heard some thrashing of what I can only describe as a tank snapping trees over in the woods near our location. I thought it was maybe a heard of elk running through the woods. Then we heard this human-like scream/growl that sounded like someone getting skinned alive. That was enough for us to end our planned day hike in the area. I've never heard something that terrifying ever in my entire life. We left immediately. There was also this awful smell of something dead nearby. It made our hair stand up on the back of our neck. Only fear was in our minds. The growl was very deep and long and shrill at the same time, as if there were two distinct pitches. It was sort of a bellowing scream. I am a firm belever that bigfoot does truely exist.

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