Strange growling heard by woman file# 04352


Date:August , 1993 +/- 1
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Toutle Lake
Nearest road:
Logging Road
warm sunny
early afternoon
I can only show you the exact spot. It was on Weyerhauser property, and right now no one is allowed into the area. We would have to get a key. It was near the Fawn Lake drainage area, well inside the blast area from the 1980 eruption, but summer brush & weeds had started to grow back. The newly planted trees were still very short, only the summer weeds & brush was thick.


Description of event: I heard a low STONG growl, quite close. I could not see a thing in the low summer thick brush. The growl was VERY PERSISTANT, indicating to me NOT come any closer. I went back to my camper. I cannot remember, but I may have left the area entirely at the time. I would think if I stayed through the night,I would have remembered and did a search the next day. I just cannot remember.

I kept thinking what it could or could not be. Only two animals could come close to that growl. If it was a cougar, it would have attacked, if it was a bear, it could have run at me or ran away. The LOW, LOUD growl made the source sound very big.

When my mother was s young girl, in 1914 or 1918 and catching the school bus in the Toutle area she said she saw a bigfoot then, walking like a man up the long tall bank of the road. Now I believe her for sure. The sound I heard sounded much like a beast of that size.

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